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Oct 14, 2012 9:00am EDT
taxes i think that romney is actually a lot closer to george w. bush than to ronald reagan. in comparison, when you consider ronald reagan was actually willing to raise taxes and the spike in growth that you saw in the 1980s came after a big tax hike. what mitt romney is saying is, no, we can't make the wealthy pay more of their fair share. what we have to do is just cut taxes for everybody, cut tacks for corporations and by doing that by making sure that the people at the very top do better, somehow that will trickle down. what we know is that doesn't work. >> jim, on the campaign trail are you hearing a lot of chatter as well about the moderate mitt? we've heard bill clinton say, oh, the moderate mitt is back, oh -- it sort of comes off the president's post-debate thing about he is lying. that's not what he said. he has completely changed. a, has he completely changed, or have they, what we call putting emphasis on a different syllable? >> i put this to a romney aid viesor, and he pushed back on this. he said that the gvr is talking about bipartisanship more now that he has t
Oct 7, 2012 9:00am EDT
partisan. what mitt romney will do as president is the same thing that ronald reagan did and, frankly, bill clinton did. hold your principles. be tough. in the end you know you have to negotiate, and that's the only way this country can move forward. that is what president romney will do, and that's the president that people saw potential president that people saw next president they saw debating the other night. >> governor strickland, the last few seconds to you. is it going to be a closer race than it has been when we see the results come out? >> of course, ohio cannot be taken for granted, candy, by any candidate or either political party. it will be a very close race. i believe because of the president's saving of the american auto industry, which, in fact, is realed to manufacturing jobs in ohio, and ohio is coming back, and we're grateful for that, but the president deserves, many my judgment, the lion's share of the credit for ohio's economy, and its rebound. >> from ohio governor ted strickland. ohio attorney general and former senator mike dewine, thank you both for
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)